Must Visit Events in Bangalore Just For You


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Bangalore has traditionally been known as an IT hub. But in recent years, the city has attracted some of the country’s best talents to come and pursue creative pursuits. Here are some of the important Bangalore based events which have gained popularity among visitors: –

Screen Printing Workshop by Lets Iink

Organised by Bloom & Grow in Koramangala, this event is primarily related to fabric and paper printing. Participants will learn about the entire process of screen printing on bed linens, t-shirts, coasters, gift wraps, envelopes, gift bags, visiting cards etc. This course includes meshing of scree, meshing of stencil, photo emulsion process, multi-screen printing, DIY exposing box, seamless printing, printing on fabric & printing on paper. The cost of each ticket is Rs 5500 onwards. People who are interested in the event need to carry their ID proof with them.

Hard Rock Café

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Orthodoxically Me-A Special by Praveen Kumar

Organised at Hard Rock Café, is a stand-up comedy special organized by Praveen Kumar. The whole show revolves around his orthodox upbringing in a small town and the struggles he faces on moving to a big city like Bangalore where he relocated for studies. He speaks about the different things he didn’t understand or fails to relate to like smileys, social media, Hollywood, pub culture, relationships, Snapchat etc. During the show, he speaks about the challenges he is facing to raise his daughter in Bangalore’s western culture whereas his parents found it easy to raise him in Kancheepuram. The price of each ticket is Rs 500 onwards. Each individual attending the event needs to be at least 18 years old.

India Color Fest

This is basically a colour based event during which is meant to help participants enhance their artistic skills in oil painting. Organised in Navi Mumbai by Art Palette, this workshop will enhance your creative skills. Oil painting is a unique method of painting in which oil infused paint pigments are used to create eye catching art-works. But since it is volatile by nature, an oil painting requires delicate handling and knowledge of specific painting techniques. By participating in the workshop, you will learn about the techniques and different methods of oil painting.

During the initial stage, you will learn about the method of creating a design and drawing of a painting’s basic outline. At the next stage, after you create the design or diagram, you will learn about the methods of paintings. The train will hone your skills in the methods of composition, colour mixing, brush strokes and different oil painting techniques. The cost of each ticket is Rs 600.

IISC Gymkhana

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Organized at IISC Gymkhana, this is the annual science-tech-cultural festival of IISC. The pro-nites of the event are highly popular and its major highlights are the high-quality bass by Nucleya, and music performances by Biswa, Intronaut and Dhruv Vishvanath. The price of each ticket is between Rs 700-Rs 4500 depending on the performances which you want to attend. Carrying a valid ID proof is mandatory.

Events In Bangalore

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These Events In Bangalore are real fun and if you become a part of it, you will realise why people love visiting Bangalore during such occasions.

A Journey to Vibrant Mumbai to Attend a Job Interview

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I had just received a notice for interview in Mumbai and decided to reach the city by flight. The interview was going to be held in two days time from the receipt of the notice. Ticket booking was done on Air India, through the carrier’s website.

I decided to stay in the city for three days, so that after the interview I could also sightsee and explore its many tourist attractions.

My Journey to Mumbai on Air India Was Sooth and Comfortable

Air India is the country’s national carrier and one that offers flights from its hubs in Delhi and Mumbai to key cities across the country. It offers flights to 52 domestic destinations in the country, making it a carrier with the largest domestic network.

Cheap Flight TicketsCheap Flight Tickets | Image Resource :

Those who want to journey to far off locations in the country from key metropolitan cities by flight will find this carrier to be suitable for their travel need. Despite being a regal carrier, it offered cheap flight tickets for my Delhi to Mumbai journey.

My journey on the carrier lasted two hours, during which time was enjoyed meals. After the flight landed, I came out of the airport and took a cab to the hotel accommodation.

Chhatrapati Shivaji International AirportChhatrapati Shivaji International Airport | Image Resource :

About The Majestic Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport

As I was leaving I could not but help admire the wonderful Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport. Initiated in 1942, it was named after the 17th century Maratha emperor – Chhatrapati Shivaji. The structure is huge and it is the second busiest airport in the country, in terms of passenger traffic and cargo.

In 2016, it won the award for being the Best Airport in India and Asia. It is so structured to take on the enormous number of passengers who travel through it daily both from within the country and abroad. The airport services a huge number of international carriers every day, enabling people to enter an exit from India’s commercial capital – Mumbai.

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My Stay Was In a Simple Two Star Hotel

I stayed in the beautiful Hotel Imperial Palace which is a lovely two star hotel, with simple but neat interiors. Located in Near Crawford Market, Cst Railway  it has twelve rooms. The hotel’s ambience is so cozy that it makes you feel at home right away. My room was small, well furnished and comfortable. I had to venture out for meals. Other guest facilities are room service, internet, housekeeping and laundry.

I took a hotel cab to reach the venue where the interview was going to take place. I was asked questions about my work experience, after which I then took a written test. I was informed that I would be told about the interview results the following day, so I came back to the hotel to rest and retire as I had spent the whole day from morning till evening in the interview venue.

The next day I got a call saying that I had got the job. I packed up to leave for the flight in the evening, so that I could reach home, inform my parents about the new job and then pack gain to arrive in Mumbai to begin at my new job.

A Trip To Digha – Hanging Out With Friends

Hotels In New Digha

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In today’s rapidly advancing world, it has become an important job to remember that at times we need to relax ourselves and give ourselves some rest from the stressful schedule of work. We get so engrossed in the infamous rat race today, that we are not really left with any time to follow our passions and to do things that we enjoy, and all else takes a low priority in our lives. But the fact still remains that in regular intervals we should take some time to relax our mind and body.

Having this thought as a driving rule of my life, I always make sure that I go on a vacation at least once every year, to guarantee that I don’t miss out on some great experiences in life. As the years go on, exploring new places has changed into a hobby for me. I decided to go to Digha when I got a leave recently, to hang out with my friends and have a good time.

I couldn’t wait for my vacation date to come. I was quite excited to get to Digha and start my holiday with my friends. There were many things I planned to do in Digha this time like visiting some of the great beaches in town and also the famous aquarium. Digha is a major tourist destination in Eastern India and for good reason. There are many beautiful places as well as places of tourist interest in the city that are quite fun. I also wanted to try out the unique Bengali cuisine, especially their delicious fish and seafood preparations. I was thus quite excited for this trip, and booked my tickets well in advance of the journey.

Booking My Train From Vishakhapatnam To Digha

Being two destinations on the Eastern coast of India, there are a lot of trains running between Vishakhapatnam and Digha. I had a lot of different choices for trains from Vishakhapatnam to Digha. After doing a good deal of research and looking at the facilities, timings, and other details of all the trains, I finally chose the Vishakhapatnam – Digha SF Express and booked my tickets on it. My journey, though of a rather long duration, was quite comfortable and enjoyable. Some of the best things about the trip were:

  • Shortened duration as it was a Superfast train.
  • The train was maintained clean and neat.
  • The train ran on schedule.
  • Excellent pantry car and catering services.

Digha Beach

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A Great Stay At Hotel Seagull, Digha

The 2-star rated Hotel Seagull in Digha is a one of the best budget Hotels In New Digha with the added positive of being situated on the beach. This hotel offers some excellent facilities and services at low prices making it a great option. The room was quite spacious and fitted with all modern amenities such as TV, hot water, etc.

The Hotel is located in a best place and offers all basic facilities such as

  • Hot water
  • 24 hours room parking
  • Room service
  • Car Parking
  • Front desk
  • Visiting Some Great Places In Digha

Three of the places I had planned to visit were the Digha Beach, Shankarpur Beach, and the Marine Aquarium. Both the beaches were excellent beaches, though Digha beach was a little more crowded than Shankarpur beach, it also had other facilities such as snack stalls, etc. The Marine Aquarium was a delightful experience and it was quite interesting to see so many different forms of marine life.