Enter Into The Old-World Charm At The Forts In Jaipur!

Amber Fort

Amber Fort | Image Resource : rajasthanabout.com

Rajasthan is one of the richest cities located on the northwest side of India. It witnesses a mammoth of tourists all through the year. The state is world-renowned for its culture, textile and the varieties of Jaipur ornaments are loved by people all round the world. No wonder, foreigners swarm the place throughout the year.

To get to know more about the state and its cultural capital, head over to Jaipur.

Forts in Jaipur: The Royal History!

Why are we always fascinated about the lifestyle of a royal king or a queen? To get the answers, come down to Jaipur and explore the places here that visually convey the message of royalty of our Indian history. Just take trips to the cited forts in Jaipur that flawlessly depicts the same!

Amber Or Amer Fort

It is the largest fort that covers an area of 4 square km with artistic Hindu styled elements. The magnificent ramparts, huge ironed gates and the cobbled pathways of this fort awe-inspires any tourist. It is constructed on the banks of Maota Lake which adds to the natural beauty of the place.

Jaigarh Fort

As you walk along the Maota lake banks, you will head to Jaigarh Fort, a rustic beauty of Jaipur. There is just a passageway connection between Amber and Jaigarh; so tourists visit both the places at a time.

Nahargarh Fort

On the foothills of the Aravali ills is this fort. This name of the place means ‘abode of tigers’. This means the fort was a home to a lot of tigers which were pets to the great kings living in Rajasthan.

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort | Image Resource : blogspot.com

Wish to get a break from historical places and enjoy the cultural side of Rajasthan? chokhi dhani jaipur, a resort cum fort is the most admirable hotel where one gets serviced liked a royal person.

Feel the Royalty whilst staying at the Most Charming Resort: Choki Dhani Jaipur

Imagine wearing royal dresses with a crown on your head! Yes, at Choki Dhani, guests are given an opportunity to try the famous Rajasthani outfits! Don’t forget to take as many clicks as possible in that attire; truly it would be a surprise to your friends and family. In spite of the scorching heat of this dessert land, tourists have a very delightful stay; thanks to the various cultural and traditional programmes that keeps one, engaged, all through the day.

The plush rooms with modish amenities, make you feel like living in culture and tradition along with modernity in this Rajasthani village themed resort.

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur | Image Resource : heritagehotelsofindia.com

Enjoy watching your kids’ rock and roll in the camel rides, magic shows and puppet shows. Come and dance to the fast paced beat around the traditional fire act or take an adventure trip finding your way out of the maze. Food would be the most memorable during the stay! Taste an authentic Rajasthani food served with lot of love and ghee.

Without shopping the stay will not fulfilled, if you are handcrafts lover then pick the most adorable Rajasthani artefacts from kalagram; an in-house shopping center.

The Top 10 Shopping Destinations In Kolkata !

When it comes to shopping then Kolkata is one such city that is filled with lots and lots of shopping places. There are a number of shopping areas in the city where you will find clothing, electronics, toys, bikes, cars, antiques; furniture’s so on and so forth. There are huge shopping area and malls where everyday people buy things every day.

According to a recent survey conducted by one of the reputed organizations in the country that takes care of the business census of the country. Kolkata is among the top 5 shopping cities in the country and stands at number 3.

Top 10 shopping destinations in Kolkata

So here are 10 places where you can spoil yourself shopping.

Park Street

Park Street | Image Resource: kolkatacurry.blogspot.in

Park Street – One of the well-known branded markets in the city is the Park street area where you find the best in class clothes and accessories. There is no super brand that does not have an outlet here so you can buy the best clothes in the country here.

New Market – This is one of the very famous markets in the city where there are over 1000 street stalls where they sell ladies wear. Then there is this hogs market as well where there are shops that sell dress materials and readymade garments as well.

Bada Bazaar – One of the oldest and biggest markets in the country the Bada Bazaar is located just adjacent to the Howrah Bridge and is spread across 3 square kilometers. You get everything here from clothes to accessories to toys to utensils to electronics and even more the list is endless.


Gariahat | Image Resource: flickr.com

Gariahat – This is a mixed market where there are multiple showrooms where you can buy clothes and jewels. This market is crowded even on weekends and you get authentic Bengali clothing here as well.

Matiabruz market – There is an area in the Matiabruz market known as the “Tukda Bhatti” where you get super fine cloth. This place is a dedicated suiting and shirting material market a place where you can buy the best cloth at cheap rates.

Khiderpore Bazaar – This is basically a market where you get electronics at reasonable rates, if you want to buy electronics at cheap rates then you need to go to this place. But be careful as there are a lot of fake products sold here as well.

Chandni Market – This is also one of the important markets in the city where you get almost all the electronic accessories and spare parts as well. There are jewellery stores as well as some good clothing stores as well.

Maniktalla Bazaar – This is a traditional Bengali market where you will get the best Taant Sarees in India as well as handlooms and a lot more. You can also check out the sweet shops here and taste the delicacies of Bengal.

Behala Bazar – The posh area in the southern part of the city this is a place where you get everything at very reasonable rates. This market is situated on the Diamond Harbor Road.

All the Malls of the city – Presently there are more than 25 huge malls in the city from east to west and south to north where you can shop. There is a lot happening in these malls so you can have a lovely time here.

More about Kolkata Tourism

Kolkata Tourism

Kolkata Tourism | Image Resource: indiadentalclinic.com

When you read about Kolkata Tourism then there are so many things associated with it. First of all when you come into the city you are welcomed by the yellow taxis outside the station or the airport through which you enter into the “city of Joy” Kolkata. There are a lot of things that you can do in this city like taking a walk on the Howrah bridge foot path, having Chai in the very famous Mattir Bahand (cup made with mud), and hanging out in Victoria memorial, shopping in different markets, having fun at the amusement parks here and so much more.

Things To Do In Nandi Hills: For An Enjoyable Holiday Experience!

Do you wish to sojourn in the laps of nature? Venture into the land of paradoxical beauty, Nandi Hills for a holiday that will make you come back for more! Situated in the Indian state of Karnataka, this gorgeous place siphons in thousands of visitors on a regular basis. Anyone touring this place can explore its beauty to the core and also take part in a variety of heart-thumping activities.

Some of the best Things to do in Nandi Hills: A Traveler’s Guide

Nandi Hills is one of the popular hill fortress situated in the Chikballapur district – Karnataka. Reputed for its ethereal beauty, Nandi hills serves as a perfect hub for honeymooners and newlyweds who wish to get away from it all. There are many things to do in Nandi Hills and tourists will not get tired of it. Before planning your trip, it is a must to know about the place in detail to avoid last minute hassles.

Tipu Sultan’s Fort is one of the best places to visit in Nandi Hills. Better known as Tashk-e-Jannat, meaning (Heaven’s Envy), this gorgeous fort will take you back in time to the era of the royals. One of the striking features of the fort is its marvelous paintings. Almost all the walls are embellished with exotic colors and designs that are an absolute feast for sore eyes. There is also a trekking trail along the fort that takes you along the curves of the majestic mountain ranges.

Tipu Sultan’s Fort

Tipu Sultan’s Fort | Image Resource : remotetraveler.com

If you are longing to experience the true beauty of Mother Nature in all her glory, just pay a visit to Tipu’s Drop. Located at an altitude of about 600m, Tipu’s Drop is a haven for nature buffs and romantic couples. When in Nandi Hills it is a must that you visit this amazing place with your friends and family.

Pilgrims touring the city can spend a rejuvenating time at the Bhoga Nandeeshwar Temple. Nestled cozily at the base of Nandi Hills, the temple is a perfect place to recharge your tired cells. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, the shrine is not only visited by locals, but also by international clienteles.

A trip to “The Lake of Nectar” – Amrita Sarovar is a must when you are touring Nandi Hills. Formed by perennial springs, the lake is a lovely place to spend a relaxing time. It is best to visit the lake at night as you can watch the waters shimmering in the bright moonlight.

Nandi Hills Resort

Nandi Hills Resort | Image Resource : discoveryvillage.in

Nandi Hills Resort: Choose the Best Place To Spend A Wonderful Holiday!

Among the various resorts in Nandi Hills, one stands out from the crowd. Discovery Village – Nandi Foot Hills is the apt place for family groups who wish to experience luxury at affordable rates. This one-of-a-kind Nandi Hills Resort offers stunning view of nature along with comfortable accommodation options. The Deluxe Cottages at the resort comes with amenities that include telephone, sit-out, flat screen television, table lamp, coffee/tea maker, and more. So don’t you love to experience a wonderful holiday at Nandi Hills? Hurry! Pack your bags and head straight to this amazing place for a trip that will linger in your memories for years to come!

Ways To Have A Fun Weekend At Kolkata


Kolkata | Image Resource : livemint.com

Kolkata is known across the world as the ‘’City of Joy’’. The city served as India’s capital during the colonial period, and is regarded as the artistic and cultural capital. Situated on the banks of the Hooghly river, the city is home to several monuments which were built during the colonial period. Compared to other metros, Kolkata still has a relaxed way of life which makes visitors feel at home. The city was the centre of the Bengal Renaissance and has produced some of India’s leading intellectuals.

Established in 1690 as a trading outpost of the East India Company, Kolkata is the major economic hub of eastern India. Some of the eminent names in the field of cinema, music, art and literature trace their roots to the city. Despite being a rapidly growing IT and electronics hub in this part of the country, Kolkata still holds an old world charm. The laid back lifestyle of the residents, an exotic cuisine and a vibrant cultural life make Kolkata truly a city with a soul. If you are tired with the fast pace of life in some other metro, Kolkata is the best place to head to.

The major tourist attractions of Kolkata include Victoria Memorial, Indian Museum, St Paul’s Cathedral Church and Dakshineshwar Kali Temple. However, if you are tired of your busy schedule and want to spend some time relaxing, undergoing spa treatment would be a suitable option for you. The spa l occitane is one of the leading spas of the city. Some of the details of the spa are mentioned below:-

About the Spa

The spa is a branch of L’OCCITANE. Authentic ingredients are used in the treatment process while performing traditional therapies. The main aim of these therapies is to offer a high level of relaxation to your body and mind. The spa has a unique ambience which has been deeply inspired by Provence region of France. The Camargue area of Provence is known for its water and sand dunes. The spa’s landscape has been created keeping in sync with the topography of the region. Therefore, visitors will be able to fully rejuvenate themselves in the tranquil ambience of the spa.

Spa L Occitane

Spa L Occitane | Image Resource : lemonchutney.com

Treatments offered

The spa offers nearly 50 beauty and spa treatments from head to toe to both men and women. The facials offered here such as ‘’Immortelle Secret of Youth’’ are highly effective in smoothening the skin and making it look younger. The body massages which are performed by the therapists here include the Deep Tissue Intense Relief, Shea Nurturing Massage and Aromachologie Relaxing Massage. Other therapies which are offered here include foot reflexology and neck, shoulder and head massage. You will be offered with herbal tea and hot/cold towels while undergoing treatment.

The therapists and the operations team at the spa have undergone training in Paris and Hong Kong. The spa offers signature treatments by making use of local flora and fauna which are mixed with its natural products. The cost of reservation for a single person at the spa is Rs 2242.

Water Sports’ Lovers Should Enjoy Kayaking in Bangalore

Go Karting Unlimited At Gurukul

Water Sports | Image Resource : lbb.in

Water sports hold an innate charm for people who are drawn by water. Kayaking is one of those Water Sports which rejuvenates both the mind and body. During the learning period, visitors are offered a brief introduction by professional experts before they go ahead. They are offered with life jackets, helmets and a canoe. They paddle through the serene waters, causing ripples across the water body. During kayaking through the mild water, the people can enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

Urban Valley is a lakeside resort which offers visitors with an exciting range of land & aqua adventure activities including kayaking. The picturesque Kanakapura Lake is the place where kayaking takes place. Here are some of the major aspects of the package which makes it worthwhile for people from all walks of life: –

The settings

The abundancy of greenery and picturesque natural settings makes Kanakapura Lake the ideal destination. The refreshing atmosphere of the area surrounding the lake attracts a lot of visitors who come here to refresh and relax themselves. Located in the Ramnagar district of Kanakapura taluk, this is a well-known tourist destination of the region.

Kanakapura Lake

Kanakapura Lake | Image Resource : blogspot.com

The picturesque town is surrounded by lush green forests which draws nature lovers who are willing to spend some time in the wilderness. The Kanakapura Lake’s unique setting makes a visit to the place an ideal one for visitors. People who are coming here for a camping experience will get the opportunity to visit the Banathimari forest region. The other major attractions here include rappelling, zip line and canoeing. All these activities are performed in Banathimari Hills. The canoeing is done on the adjoining lake.

People can also consider camp on the banks of the Lake Hosadoddi, which is known for its unspoiled waters. The camp, surrounded by the majestic mountains add a unique charm to the scenic beauty of the lake. The calm and soothing environment of the lake make it a perfect destination for outing. Camping here provides visitors with the opportunity to engage in a wide range of adventure activities and water sports. Based on the package which has been chosen, the visitors can opt for other types of water sports such as bouldering as well.

How to reach?

The natural camp at Kanakapura is located at a distance of 50 k from Bangalore. The area is well connected by road with Bangalore.

Natural Camp At Kanakapura

Natural Camp At Kanakapura | Image Resource : eventshigh.com

Best time for visiting

The Kanakapura Lake is suitable for visiting at any time of the year. Therefore, people can intend to come here whenever they want to. However, the best time for viewing nature in full bloom here is during the post-monsoon season. During this time period, the whole landscape surrounding the lake gets a makeover which is a treat for the eyes.

Reservation fees

The fees for reservation for each person is Rs 500. The prices for each person is Rs 250. The availability of kayaking facilities is between 11-5 pm daily.