The Top 10 Shopping Destinations In Kolkata !

When it comes to shopping then Kolkata is one such city that is filled with lots and lots of shopping places. There are a number of shopping areas in the city where you will find clothing, electronics, toys, bikes, cars, antiques; furniture’s so on and so forth. There are huge shopping area and malls where everyday people buy things every day.

According to a recent survey conducted by one of the reputed organizations in the country that takes care of the business census of the country. Kolkata is among the top 5 shopping cities in the country and stands at number 3.

Top 10 shopping destinations in Kolkata

So here are 10 places where you can spoil yourself shopping.

Park Street

Park Street | Image Resource:

Park Street – One of the well-known branded markets in the city is the Park street area where you find the best in class clothes and accessories. There is no super brand that does not have an outlet here so you can buy the best clothes in the country here.

New Market – This is one of the very famous markets in the city where there are over 1000 street stalls where they sell ladies wear. Then there is this hogs market as well where there are shops that sell dress materials and readymade garments as well.

Bada Bazaar – One of the oldest and biggest markets in the country the Bada Bazaar is located just adjacent to the Howrah Bridge and is spread across 3 square kilometers. You get everything here from clothes to accessories to toys to utensils to electronics and even more the list is endless.


Gariahat | Image Resource:

Gariahat – This is a mixed market where there are multiple showrooms where you can buy clothes and jewels. This market is crowded even on weekends and you get authentic Bengali clothing here as well.

Matiabruz market – There is an area in the Matiabruz market known as the “Tukda Bhatti” where you get super fine cloth. This place is a dedicated suiting and shirting material market a place where you can buy the best cloth at cheap rates.

Khiderpore Bazaar – This is basically a market where you get electronics at reasonable rates, if you want to buy electronics at cheap rates then you need to go to this place. But be careful as there are a lot of fake products sold here as well.

Chandni Market – This is also one of the important markets in the city where you get almost all the electronic accessories and spare parts as well. There are jewellery stores as well as some good clothing stores as well.

Maniktalla Bazaar – This is a traditional Bengali market where you will get the best Taant Sarees in India as well as handlooms and a lot more. You can also check out the sweet shops here and taste the delicacies of Bengal.

Behala Bazar – The posh area in the southern part of the city this is a place where you get everything at very reasonable rates. This market is situated on the Diamond Harbor Road.

All the Malls of the city – Presently there are more than 25 huge malls in the city from east to west and south to north where you can shop. There is a lot happening in these malls so you can have a lovely time here.

More about Kolkata Tourism

Kolkata Tourism

Kolkata Tourism | Image Resource:

When you read about Kolkata Tourism then there are so many things associated with it. First of all when you come into the city you are welcomed by the yellow taxis outside the station or the airport through which you enter into the “city of Joy” Kolkata. There are a lot of things that you can do in this city like taking a walk on the Howrah bridge foot path, having Chai in the very famous Mattir Bahand (cup made with mud), and hanging out in Victoria memorial, shopping in different markets, having fun at the amusement parks here and so much more.

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