Enter Into The Old-World Charm At The Forts In Jaipur!

Amber Fort

Amber Fort | Image Resource : rajasthanabout.com

Rajasthan is one of the richest cities located on the northwest side of India. It witnesses a mammoth of tourists all through the year. The state is world-renowned for its culture, textile and the varieties of Jaipur ornaments are loved by people all round the world. No wonder, foreigners swarm the place throughout the year.

To get to know more about the state and its cultural capital, head over to Jaipur.

Forts in Jaipur: The Royal History!

Why are we always fascinated about the lifestyle of a royal king or a queen? To get the answers, come down to Jaipur and explore the places here that visually convey the message of royalty of our Indian history. Just take trips to the cited forts in Jaipur that flawlessly depicts the same!

Amber Or Amer Fort

It is the largest fort that covers an area of 4 square km with artistic Hindu styled elements. The magnificent ramparts, huge ironed gates and the cobbled pathways of this fort awe-inspires any tourist. It is constructed on the banks of Maota Lake which adds to the natural beauty of the place.

Jaigarh Fort

As you walk along the Maota lake banks, you will head to Jaigarh Fort, a rustic beauty of Jaipur. There is just a passageway connection between Amber and Jaigarh; so tourists visit both the places at a time.

Nahargarh Fort

On the foothills of the Aravali ills is this fort. This name of the place means ‘abode of tigers’. This means the fort was a home to a lot of tigers which were pets to the great kings living in Rajasthan.

Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort | Image Resource : blogspot.com

Wish to get a break from historical places and enjoy the cultural side of Rajasthan? chokhi dhani jaipur, a resort cum fort is the most admirable hotel where one gets serviced liked a royal person.

Feel the Royalty whilst staying at the Most Charming Resort: Choki Dhani Jaipur

Imagine wearing royal dresses with a crown on your head! Yes, at Choki Dhani, guests are given an opportunity to try the famous Rajasthani outfits! Don’t forget to take as many clicks as possible in that attire; truly it would be a surprise to your friends and family. In spite of the scorching heat of this dessert land, tourists have a very delightful stay; thanks to the various cultural and traditional programmes that keeps one, engaged, all through the day.

The plush rooms with modish amenities, make you feel like living in culture and tradition along with modernity in this Rajasthani village themed resort.

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur

Chokhi Dhani Jaipur | Image Resource : heritagehotelsofindia.com

Enjoy watching your kids’ rock and roll in the camel rides, magic shows and puppet shows. Come and dance to the fast paced beat around the traditional fire act or take an adventure trip finding your way out of the maze. Food would be the most memorable during the stay! Taste an authentic Rajasthani food served with lot of love and ghee.

Without shopping the stay will not fulfilled, if you are handcrafts lover then pick the most adorable Rajasthani artefacts from kalagram; an in-house shopping center.

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