Shopping In Lucknow: Come And Shop Till Heart’s Content


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Even though the city contains a lot of bright malls, shopping in Lucknow is always memorable because of the wide variety of the markets in Lucknow that reflect the cultural fabric of Lucknow. The entire city is well known for traditional work like embroidery, chikan and many more. Also, shopping in the traditional markets in the city has its own rustic charm. Some of the best known Shopping Places In Lucknow are-

Alambagh Market

This is one of the most well-planned and really developed markets in Lucknow. Located on the Kanpur-Lucknow road, tourists and locals can find all the things ranging from vegetables, gold jewelry, and other regular items. It is a shopping haven for people who love to shop. This market spreads across the Chandar Nagar, Singhar Nagar, Krishna Nagar, and Teri Pulia Bazar. So, a trip to Lucknow is incomplete if one does not visit the Alambagh market.

Nakhas Market

It is one of the vintage markets in Lucknow. More than 200 years old, it is located in the old portion of the city. Overall, this market is famous for embroidered garments, jewelry, and wooden items. Also, it can be noted that the market is divided into various markets like the Bird Market, Nakhas Bazar, and Vegetable market. The Bird Market is well known for various pet birds like parrots, mice, and rabbits. People flock here to buy these pets. Coupled with this, is the Sunday market that primarily sells used goods, like electric spare parts, that can be used on a daily basis. Along with these old shops, this market is very famous for the different types of food joints. Paan, biryani, and tasty kababs are all available on carts on the street. This market is known as a complete store for antique collections.

Janpath Market

Situated at the center of the city, this market is one of the most frequently visited markets in Lucknow. The market consists of little shops, which is very famous among the youngsters staying in the city. Tourists will be surprised to see the different variety of chikankari embroidery and different types of perfumes that are available here. Both men and women will find this place to their liking. Women and men who like to bargain will love this market. Also, the old charm of this market makes every tourist visiting this market a fond shopping memory.


This is one of the most popular markets in central Lucknow. Located at a distance of 3 kms from Bara Imambara, this is one of the oldest markets in the entire of Lucknow.

Budget Hotels In Lucknow

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Booking Budget Hotels Lucknow

Since Lucknow is a place known for tradition culture and shopping, Indian tourists visiting this place prefer to book rooms in budget hotels to spend in other areas of the trip. Staying true to the type of hotels, these hotels provide the basic facilities like beds, bathroom, and a basic place to stay. Also, most of the well-known hotels are very close to city center. Some of the well-known Budget Hotels In Lucknow are-

  • Hotel Sumitra
  • Uma Guest House
  • Hotel Shiva
  • Ashirwad Hotel

Read online reviews before you book.

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