The Most Professional And Sophisticated Client Meeting Experience In Goa!

Well, it was a product launch presentation for our client. And we couldn’t decide where to plan the same. And then, we decided on conducting the meeting in Goa! And I suppose that was one of the best decisions we had made so for!

I am a marketing manager in an advertising company and we had an important meeting with a client related to the features of services we were planning to deliver to them.

And we had the most amazing time in Goa that delivered a professional and sophisticated stay and discussion with the client which was appreciated by our client as well as by our senior managers too!

Air India flight from Pune To Goa

So I was heading a team of 2 members, and we booked the flight journey from Pune to Goa with Air India Airline. It was the month of July last year and we met at the airport at 10 AM as our flight was schedules at 11:50.

We reached Goa at 12:45PM after a comfortable journey in the flight.

Our stay in Cidade de Goa

Cidade De Goa Price

Cidade De Goa Price

We booked our stay for three days in Cidade De Goa. Cidade De Goa price was reasonable and offered amazing services under 18,000 INR for 3 days per room. We checked in the hotel at 02:00PM and got refreshed for the client meeting at 6:00 PM. We planned two meetings for first two days in Goa and third day was just dedicated to outing and personal time in Goa!

First meeting in Alfama:

Alfama Restaurant

Alfama Restaurant | Image Resource:

So we booked a private table in Alfama restaurant which is popular for its Goan cuisine. The ambience of the restaurant was really sophisticated. The services offered by the restaurant were really appreciable. The food was amazing and so was the interior of the restaurant.

Second meeting in Café Azul:

Café Azul

Cafe Azul | Image Resource: cidadedegoa

Second day we planned the meeting in the resort itself in Café Azul. The ambience was fabulous and we were comfortable in the soothing environment of the resort. The meeting was scheduled for morning, so we ordered some Beer and breakfast which was really refreshing. The meeting went really well and the client really appreciated the choice of restaurant we chose for the meeting.

Just after an hour, we got a call from our senior managers for appreciating our professional services and presentation in front of the client. So yes! If you are planning a client meeting in Goa, try the mentioned choices!