A Visit to Lucknow – Stay at Vivanta by Taj

Lucknow is one of the biggest cities in North India after Delhi. It is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and one of the major centres of trade and commerce. I recently had an opportunity to visit Lucknow for a client meeting. The city is known for its heritage and food. I was very excited as I have heard quite good reviews about the food from the region and also the local textiles and other handicrafts.

Taj Hotel – A Luxury Property in Lucknow

I had done the booking for my stay in advance to get good deals and offers. I always prefer to stay in 5 star hotels as they have world class services and amenities. After looking for all the five star hotels in the city I had booked Vivata by Taj, Gomti Nagar for my stay in Lucknow. Vivanta by Taj is owned by the Taj Group of Luxury Hotels and is a white palatial structure which has an amazing grandeur and elegance.

Vivanta by Taj

Vivanta by Taj

The structure of the hotel truly reminds one of the colonial eras and the ambience of the place has a delightful fusion of the classic and modern services. I liked the lobby of the hotel which is very grand and is adorned by massive pillars. The dome of the hotel is also amazing which gives a picture of luxurious services and amenities inside. The hotel has a unique blend of pleasure and offers wide range of business and leisure activities.

Services and Facilities by the Hotel

The hotel is situated in the Gomti Nagar region of the city and is spread over an area of 25 acres of gardens. Some of the prominent city malls and historic monuments are also located in vicinity of the hotel. The hotel is located at a distance of 20 km from the Lucknow Airport. I loved the warm hospitality of the staff at the hotel. They welcomed me to my room. Some of the best services and facilities at the hotel which I liked were :

Lucknow Airport

Lucknow Airport | Image Source : wikimedia.org

  • The Crystal Room and Celius Lawn which are ideal for hosting any type of social gathering
  • A 24 hour business centre with boardroom
  • An in-house restaurant known as Latitude offering Indian and continental cuisines
  • Oudhyana Restaurant offering the finest Lucknawi dishes
  • Lounge bar with finest collection of wines and drinks
  • Outdoor swimming pool and a fitness centre
  • Spa treatments are also available

Flight from New Delhi

I was travelling from New Delhi for this client meeting. Delhi is very well connected with direct flights every hour to Lucknow. There are a total of 169 weekly flights which are available in this sector. After checking the flight tickets in all the airlines I had booked economy class tickets with Vistara Airlines. The airlines have good services and facilities and make sure to take care of the passengers need.

Vistara Airlines

Vistara Airlines | Image Source : ndtvimg.com

I had done my flight booking 40 days in advance and got the tickets at very low prices. The flight was scheduled to be departed at 11 am from the T1 at Delhi Airport. It is a 45 minutes flight to Lucknow from Delhi. The inflight services and amenities of the airlines are very good. After landing in Lucknow I headed straight to Hotel Taj to relax.

The room which I had booked in the hotel was one of the Deluxe Delight Rooms with Pool View and King Bed. The room had all kinds of modern amenities and luxury services to make the stay memorable and pleasant. It had a big LED TV with satellite channels, tea and coffee maker, mini bars and study table. Free Wi-Fi was also available in the room and the attached bathroom had all the modern and luxury toiletries.

Indeed, The Best Experience With Air India: A Flight Thoroughly Enjoyed!

Flight Tickets From Bangalore To Kolkata

Flight Tickets From Bangalore To Kolkata | Image Resource: contentinjection.com

Three months back, I was invited by a childhood friend Neeta, to attend her engagement party in Delhi. Initially, I was hesitant about this trip, due to my lack of time; but had to relent finally for this trip. So I took leave of a few days from my hospital duties and started preparing for this upcoming trip. I did not know anyone else of my friend’s family, so I resolved to stay at a hotel in Delhi. I decided to take my Mom with me, so that she too could enjoy this trip with me.

First of all, I browsed through the internet and decided to book online my flight tickets from Hyderabad to Delhi from Air India, since it is the largest and the most reliable airline of India that also serves as the flag carrier of the country. Luckily, I found that tickets of Economy Class were available for our desired date, in an Air India flight and booked instantly. Then I searched online and found that the 5 Star Hotel The Lalit, in New Delhi had room available for booking.

Incredible services that we enjoyed during our flight in Air India

Our experience of traveling in the Economy Class of Air India flight was very pleasant. Though this air journey was of only 2 hours, we enjoyed it thoroughly, for several reasons.

The flight was exactly on time and took off from Hyderabad, without any delay. This was a good reason for my satisfaction, as I always value punctuality.

Hot meals were served onboard and the foods were very tasty and were not so richly spiced. My Mom was given diabetic diet of less salty and low fat foods, as I had specifically asked for it.

Delhi City

Delhi City | Image Resource: youtube.com

The seats were quite comfortable and even aged people, like my mother had no problem in sitting there for 2 hours.

There was personal in-flight entertainment system and we could choose entertainment programs from the given options in Showtime, the official entertainment guide of Air India. So my mother chose to hear some devotional songs, while I was enjoying a cartoon program, to spend our time during the flight. The passengers were also given in-flight magazines, published by Air India, in both English and Hindi.

Wonderful experience of staying in Hotel The Lalit, New Delhi

The Lalit, New Delhi is a 5 Star hotel, located conveniently near Connaught Place and have close proximity to most of the tourist spots of Delhi. So apart from attending my friend’s engagement party, we could visit those places as well. But we were more overwhelmed by the excellent services offered by this luxury hotel.

The room given to us was very spacious and contained a king-size comfortable bed, air conditioner, an electric kettle, a plasma television and a DVD player, refrigerator, a large wardrobe and an electronic safe. There was also a writing desk, with a lamp of nice design kept over it.

We were also provided with bottles of mineral water, newspaper and a hair dryer, for using while in this hotel.

The foods in all the 4 restaurants of this hotel were simply awesome and we also liked the food products of the Pastry shop, in this hotel compound.

Choose Go Air Airline For Affordable Air Tickets & Excellent Services

Go Air

Go Air | Image Resource : indianexpress.com

Go Air airline is the leading low price company in the world and has its major center at international airport Chhatarpti Shivaji in Mumbai whilst its secondary center is at international airport Indira Gandhi in New Delhi.

With the fleet size around 19 plus airbus A320-200 airplane model, it serves to 22 locations across India, with number of weekly carriers being approximately operated 975. Passengers, who are preparing their trip to flu with this low cost airline, can make flight booking well in advance with famed travel sites, which in turn also provide many deals on flight reservations.

On the departure day, travelers can know flight schedule by making use of the info placed on the booked air ticket.

Go Air Flight – a peep into it!

This is one the best airways of India, which aims to serve to the requirements of the travelers and bestow then with innumerable amenities at the finest possible prices. The airways authorities ensure that all the needed facilities are satisfied and the passengers don’t face any issue or discomfort.

They are offered with drinks and snacks and the music provision as well is provided. The service of this airline was commenced with two leased A320’s airbus in 2005. The Go Air flight at that period offered a single compartment, this 180 seating inexpensive air ticket journey was made to few 13 locations which comprised of Jammu and Kashmir.

This airline fleet now comprises of seven airbus A320-200’s, as well as they have targeted to make an extent to 33 airplane in the span of three years as well as at that periods it would be reaching the key locations of India.

Go Air Offer

Go Air Offer | Image Resource : musafirnamah.com

Go Air Flight Schedule for Ahmedabad

There are innumerable flights which are functioning to this place. The first regular flight from Ahmedabad to Kolkata with the flight number G8 532 offers a nonstop journey. And next regular fight from Ahmedabad to Mumbai with the flight number G8 368 offers nonstop journey and respectively. To know more about Go Air flight schedule you can either visit any of the travel portals.

Unbeatable Go Air Offer: check them out!

Go air airline provides the inexpensive services to the renowned holiday and business places at most reasonably rates throughout India. While booking air tickets online you will be able get these wonderful Go Air offer and deals.

Some of the offers of this airline include Mumbai to Ahmedabad with the price 1549 INR, Mumbai to Goa with the cost ranging from 1506 INR, Pune to Ahmedabad with fare as low as 1670 INR and Ahmedabad to Pune at the low cost INR 1700. Depending on your needs and budget you can get the Go Air flight which suits you most.

Do Go Air booking online for best airfares!

Go air airways ticket reservation is convenient and simple procedure particularly when dome with the help of travel sites. If you’re very busy with your work and are finding hard to meet any travel operator, then the travel sites can be good option for you.

Making use of such sites you can do Go Air booking air tickets either business or economy compartment on any of carriers of Go Air with a matter of minutes. With the regular carriers connecting the major location of India, now you will be having lot of choices at your disposal while traveling by Go Air.

Lufthansa – The German Elegance To Travel In And Having Fun


Lufthansa | Image Resource: en.wikipedia.org

 There are many things in which Germans excel in. These places of promise have been attracting people towards Germany a lot more than previous. It is quite justified how the heritage sites of Germany which symbolises what Germany is, is very much protected by the national authorities. Apart from that, there is also another reason which has compelled people, especially from India to go to Germany. The reason is for studies. Germany has recently opened its new angle in which people can go and study in all the eminent universities of Germany. The number of exchange students has increased in a significant number.

To be travelling to or from Germany, if you consider the best airline in the crowd, it would undoubtedly be Lufthansa. The most quality flight of Europe, this airline is not only the largest of Germany, but also largest of whole Europe if all its subsidiaries are taken into concern. These days, this airline has spread its wing to countries outside Europe and mainly in India, they have been doing quite a profit and they are also giving people proper service. This has made this airline very much popular in India in a very short course of time.

Lufthansa India premium lounges – the best for anyone to get

It is mentioned above how this airline is pretty much acceptable to everyone in India. Thus, the airline has also decided to stretch its wings to give better service to the dwellers of India. For all the travellers of Lufthansa India business class and the economy classes, there is a service of very good lounges to sit and wait. In all the major cities of India where Lufthansa flies to, they have a premium lounge. It is not at all boring to sit in these lounges as you can actually have virtual tour throughout the flight services via the entertainment medium provided in these lounges.

What do you get in Lufthansa India in-flight entertainment

In-flight entertainment

In-flight Entratainment | Image Resource: s.v.de

Lufthansa is a very classy airline. They are always alert about the comfort zone of the passengers. There are many quality services provided by this airline while you are in the flight. And one of the most important aspects of in-flight service is the entertainment quotient. There are many Lufthansa India in-flight entertainment services that are provided. There are televisions for everyone and mild music goes on all the time. The stewardesses are every alert to know your discomforts. There are audio books, TV series and radio stations which are available for the passengers to get entertained.

Lufthansa India baggage – how much is allowed

The airlines keeps absolute look after your baggage. They are treated very carefully. That is why, when you are travelling you need not worry at all about your baggage. You just have to enjoy the premium features of this airline. The servicing system of the business class would not at all let you complain about its quality. However the standard rate of Lufthansa India baggage allowance is 35 kgs. This rate is pretty much stagnant for all flights.

Fly to experience the German style of living now!

Pune To New Delhi Flights Details That Can Help You


Pune | Image Resource : dnaindia.com

Airport Information of Pune to New Delhi: Pune is situated on the Deccan Plateau. It is the 9th most populous city in India. It is the second largest city in Maharashtra. Pune Airport was recently established and now also has international flights. The airport is located approximately 10 KM from the city, and its name is Lohegaon Airport. This airport type is both military and public and it is operated by Airports Authority of India. The airport provide the facility of both international and domestic flights.

The flight availability from Pune to all other cities are well connected like Nagpur, Goa, Jaipur, Chennai, Bengaluru, Indore etc. and the Pune to New Delhi Flights connect both the cities effectively. New Delhi is the capital city of India. It is the political hub of India, and hence all the major decision comes from this city. The city is located on the Indo-Gangetic plain. Delhi airport has 3 different terminals. As it is the capital, the entire international and domestic flights fly from here and it is well connected with every India cities and country.

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi is one of the biggest airports and it is basically for Public. It is operated by Delhi International Airport Private Limited. It is a hub for almost all the major airlines like Air India, Air Asia, Indigo etc. The Delhi airport flights info are easily available from the online website.

Air India

Air India | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

List of Pune to New Delhi Flights

The distance from Pune to New Delhi is 1173 KM. The flying time between Pune to New Delhi Flights on an average is 2 hours for the direct flights and the indirect flights take more than 3 hours depending upon the route. The Pune to New Delhi flight list on daily basis are as follow- GoAir-3 flights, Jet Airways-3 direct flights and 8 flights via with other cities, Spicejet-1 direct flight, Indigo-1 direct flight and 2 indirect flight, Air India-2 direct flights and 4 indirect flights and many more airlines fly like Vistara, Go Business, Jet Konnect, Jet Lite etc. time to time as per the requirement.

Pune to New Delhi Flight Status information

The Pune to New Delhi flights status and other details are available online; nowadays, the airlines send all the details and update to their passengers through SMS and emails like at what time the boarding will start, the airport gate number etc. The flights are frequent and there are 42 flights flying every day from Pune to New Delhi. The first flight from Pune to Delhi is at 05.25 AM and the last flight is 11.30 PM. The real time flights status and Pune airport info are available online through different travel websites and the passengers can get the details on SMS by just typing the flight details. Pune to New Delhi flights route is one of the busiest routes.

Pune to New Delhi flights

Pune to New Delhi flights | Image Resource : dotcomplicated.co

Compare and enjoy facilities in between the Pune to Delhi Airport

When it comes to booking air tickets, we all focus more on the price aspect. In the case of Pune to New Delhi ticket fares, they are cheap as well as expensive. As per the availability, the fares are charged by different airlines; the minimum fares start from 5071 INR, and it goes up to 15000 INR. But during the time of any festival season or summer holiday season the airlines provide discount packages and the fares can go as low as 2074 INR and on complementary they provide free baggage facilities. The pune to New Delhi flights facilities comprises of some of the best elements and you can expect standard quality liquor to delicious meals as well.

In both the airports, there are many restaurants and coffee shop where people can sit and relax before boarding the flights. The airlines provide customer care support to their respective customers from boarding, takeoff and till from landing to the other destination. Airhostess and flight attendants are available all the time on flight to help and provide comfort to their passengers.

Always check the online website from which tickets fares can be compared and you can get the excellent deals too. Try to avoid the last minute booking because it will be very expensive. During the festival season, the tickets are sometimes expensive and sometimes because of the competition between the airlines provide discount which is advantageous to the people.

Book Flight Tickets for Business Class Passengers Using Airline Reservation Websites

Many people had to travel by air due to professional or personal reasons. In addition, in this respect, there are a number of domestic and international airlines ferrying travellers to the different parts of the world. Air travel has simplified largely.

Nowadays, there are air reservation websites that sell air tickets at competitive prices, offer quality airline services to air travellers. Air travel is not the same as it used to be a few decades back. With the introduction of new airlines, air travel has undergone a paradigm shift, and nowadays it is modernized than ever before. Things pertaining to airlines, like air reservation system, are modernized.

Air travel

Air travel | Image Resource : indochinatravelagency.com

Ticket Booking For the Economy, Business, First, Premium Economy Class Passengers Simplified

If you are interested in travelling by air, then you need to know that there are many flight tickets reservation websites, which you may easily opt. Sometimes, airlines have their own air ticket reservation system. Some websites have hotel-booking facilities that not only allow the travellers to book tickets but also allow them to reserve hotel spaces.

With the web portal, interested travellers can search flights. They can fly anywhere or everywhere. Booking of flight tickets for economy, business, and first, premium economy class passengers is simplified using the ticket booking services.

There are a number of domestic airline brands offering services and operating in the country. Earlier, the number was quite small and hence the competition was much less. However, with time, as the number of airlines increased in number, the competition boosted significantly. Each of the airlines endeavoured to offer the best of services to woo the attention of more and more clients.

Flight Tickets

Flight Tickets | Image Resource : tourmastersusa.com

Book Flight Tickets to Save Money & Get Better Services

Some offer their customers’ air fares at discounted rates, others, added amenities on board the airlines. It is natural on the part of the travellers to book cheap flight tickets while they travel. Since there are a number of airline brands that offer travellers the options to book air tickets online, therefore, it is advisable on the part of the traveller to judiciously choose the one portal that saves his or her money while promising all the amenities offered by a standard airline.

Flight Tickets Online

Flight Tickets Online | Image Resource : jessehallskibase.com

The Benefits of the Online Flight Ticket Booking System

At the age of the Internet and the web, more and more people are investing on flight tickets online. To purchase the air tickets from the website that you like, you need to log in to it using the login credentials and then do the formalities concerning the purchase of the tickets. These online flight tickets booking system, not only helps in purchasing the air tickets, but also, it can be used to cancel the tickets before your journey starts. The website can also be used to change flight, check the status of the PNR, print ticket. The domestic flight tickets, fare vary from airline to airline.

Some airlines offer their customers airfares at discounted rates. It is always good to compare different websites for prices and then choose the one is most profitable. There are flight-tickets booking websites that also allow the travellers the option to make online hotel reservations. Booking of tickets using the web is a simple process and it is very much free from hassle.