Water Sports’ Lovers Should Enjoy Kayaking in Bangalore

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Water sports hold an innate charm for people who are drawn by water. Kayaking is one of those Water Sports which rejuvenates both the mind and body. During the learning period, visitors are offered a brief introduction by professional experts before they go ahead. They are offered with life jackets, helmets and a canoe. They paddle through the serene waters, causing ripples across the water body. During kayaking through the mild water, the people can enjoy the scenic beauty of the surroundings.

Urban Valley is a lakeside resort which offers visitors with an exciting range of land & aqua adventure activities including kayaking. The picturesque Kanakapura Lake is the place where kayaking takes place. Here are some of the major aspects of the package which makes it worthwhile for people from all walks of life: –

The settings

The abundancy of greenery and picturesque natural settings makes Kanakapura Lake the ideal destination. The refreshing atmosphere of the area surrounding the lake attracts a lot of visitors who come here to refresh and relax themselves. Located in the Ramnagar district of Kanakapura taluk, this is a well-known tourist destination of the region.

Kanakapura Lake

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The picturesque town is surrounded by lush green forests which draws nature lovers who are willing to spend some time in the wilderness. The Kanakapura Lake’s unique setting makes a visit to the place an ideal one for visitors. People who are coming here for a camping experience will get the opportunity to visit the Banathimari forest region. The other major attractions here include rappelling, zip line and canoeing. All these activities are performed in Banathimari Hills. The canoeing is done on the adjoining lake.

People can also consider camp on the banks of the Lake Hosadoddi, which is known for its unspoiled waters. The camp, surrounded by the majestic mountains add a unique charm to the scenic beauty of the lake. The calm and soothing environment of the lake make it a perfect destination for outing. Camping here provides visitors with the opportunity to engage in a wide range of adventure activities and water sports. Based on the package which has been chosen, the visitors can opt for other types of water sports such as bouldering as well.

How to reach?

The natural camp at Kanakapura is located at a distance of 50 k from Bangalore. The area is well connected by road with Bangalore.

Natural Camp At Kanakapura

Natural Camp At Kanakapura | Image Resource : eventshigh.com

Best time for visiting

The Kanakapura Lake is suitable for visiting at any time of the year. Therefore, people can intend to come here whenever they want to. However, the best time for viewing nature in full bloom here is during the post-monsoon season. During this time period, the whole landscape surrounding the lake gets a makeover which is a treat for the eyes.

Reservation fees

The fees for reservation for each person is Rs 500. The prices for each person is Rs 250. The availability of kayaking facilities is between 11-5 pm daily.