Famous Places to Explore In and Around Vikarabad

Vikarabad is a delightful and most charming place located in the Indian state of Telangana. It is a very popular destination for the adventure lovers as here visitors can indulge themselves in trekking. In the recent times, Vikarabad has become a hot favorite spot among the trekkers. Visitors in large numbers visit this scenic landscape. It is a fascinating place for those who crave for adventure. It is also a thrilling place for other activities like Rock Climbing and Rappelling.

Numerous small lush green hills surround the panoramic Vikarabad. Thus, it makes it a beautiful and convenient place to enjoy adventure activities like trekking. This beautiful destination offers two trails for the visitors. Apart from this, tourists can also enjoy some thrilling wild adventures in the dense forest of Vikarabad.

In and around Vikarabad there are many beautiful places to visit to enjoy an amazing vacation with friends and family. This region has many ancient sites, spectacular temples, gorgeous hills and much more. Tourists in large numbers visit here to enjoy the beautiful natural views, stunning wildlife, gushing streams and the lush greenery.

How To Reach

Vikarabad is easily accessible from any corner of the country. Though it does not have an airport, the Rajiv Gandhi International Airport, Hyderabad serves as the nearest airport to this beautiful town. Regular flights are operated from various cities across the world to reach Hyderabad. From the airport bus and cab services are easily available. Also, regular trains to Vikarabad are scheduled from various major cities of the country. State and private buses are handled at regular intervals to connect Vikarabad to other cities.

Accommodation In Vikarabad


Ananthagiri Hills Haritha Resort booking

Travelers can choose their accommodation from a plethora of hotel and resort options available in Vikarabad. However, Ananthagiri Hills Haritha Resort booking always remains in demand due to their plush rooms and warm hospitality. The resort is located surrounding lush greenery away from the urban clutter. All the rooms of this resort are elegantly designed and have modern conveniences. The staff of this hotel offers great services and remains always on toes to make the stay for their guests very comfortable.

The hotel offers various facilities which include:

  • Television,
  • Car parking,
  • Swimming pool, etc.

Best Places to Visit in Vikarabad

Here is the list of some amazing places to visit in Vikarabad:

  • Lord Anantha Padmanabha Temple:

Dedicated to Sri Anantha Padmanabha Swamy, an incarnated form of Lord Vishnu, this temple is must visit when in Vikarabad. In this temple, the deity of Lord Vishnu is on Anantha. It is believed that the Anantha or snake floats in Vaikuntha. Along with Lord Vishu, his wife Goddess Lakshmi is also worshipped and seated here. Rishi Markandeya built this temple in the Dwapara Yuga. Around 400 years ago, the Nawab of Hyderabad built the main temple.

  • Borra Hills and Caves:


Ananthagiri Hills | Image Resource : blogspot.com

Nestled in the Ananthagiri Hills, these beautiful caves attracts many visitors. William King George of the Geological Survey of India discovered these amazing caves in 1807. The caves are composed of Karstic limestone structures. These caves extend to upto 80 m in depth and are famous as the deepest as well as largest caves in the country. Locals built a small temple dedicated to Lord Shiva here. Travelers can find Bbats and golden geckos in these caves.

  • Araku Tribal Museum:

It displays beautiful artefacts, tools, etc that reflect rich tradition of the local tribal inhabitants of this region. This museum is established to conserve the rich tradition, culture, handicrafts and fine arts of the native tribes. Visitors can gain knowledge about the ancient living methods of the local tribes. Also, tourists can purchase various beautiful and unique handicraft items from here.

  • Ananthagiri Hills:

This scenic hill is one of the famous adventure destinations in the country. The panoramic views of these hills relax all the senses and unwind the visitors instantaneously. It is a spectacular trekking spot.

The unexploited interiors of Vikarabad make it a beautiful destination for photography and rejuvenation.