Silicon Valley Of India- A Couple’s Retreat

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnatika, being an IT hub, it is also named as “Silicon Valley of India”. There is an array of activities that you can indulge in the city and here are a few unique places for the ‘IT’ couples out there.

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1. Cubbon Park

Described as the most colourful place in the entire city, the park is covered with lush greenery and well laid out flower beds. Maintained by the Horticulture Department of the government of Karnataka, the park is extremely serene and peaceful. For couples looking for a relaxed day out amidst greenery sprawling over 128hectares, then Cubbon Park should your first destination at Bangalore. The park is only 5 minutes away from the main city.

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2. Guhantara Resort

Guhantara resort which literally means a resort inside a cave actually lives up to its name. You can expect to spend an entire day here, enjoying all the leisurely activities that the place has to offer. The resort is entirely located underground, and thus the name. The place offers wonderful food and also liquor along with activities like tunnel trekking, various indoor and outdoor games, bicycle riding, paintball, zorbing and many more. About an hour’s drive from the city, couples can expect to have a leisurely day at the resort.

3. Nandi Hills – Cycling

Most couples look forward to getting away from the hustle bustle of the concrete jungle and do something entirely different. Nandi hills promises to be such an experience. Renting a cycle and cycling to the Nandi hills that stands on an elevation of 1,478 metres, has lately become a trend among the Bangalore youth. The ride is entirely a soul pleasing experience, with beautiful views and a peaceful atmosphere. Activities in the city cannot get more romantic yet peaceful than this. Also, there are agencies that plan out the entire trip for couples at an affordable price.

4. The Grover Vineyards- Wine Tasting

For couples who would want to have a more sophisticated experience than hiking or cycling, the wine tasting tour by Grover Vineyards must be the best option for them. Established in the 1600s and located less than an hour away from the city, the Grover Vineyard offers the tour that includes a detailed session of explaining how wine is made, followed by a luxurious experience of tasting wine with exotic cheese and crackers, a brief walk through the picturesque vineyards, finally followed by a really sophisticated luncheon.

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5. Dinner under the Stars

Finally, to relax and unwind in each other’s company, the Taj group of hotels at Bangalore offers the most romantic dinner option in the city.
Located at West End, the restaurant offers their a-la-carte Indian dishes to their guests seated under the starry night sky. Sitting under the sky with a glass of fine Wine and lip smacking array of food in the company of your loved one, the night could not get more romantic.