A Trip To Digha – Hanging Out With Friends

Hotels In New Digha

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In today’s rapidly advancing world, it has become an important job to remember that at times we need to relax ourselves and give ourselves some rest from the stressful schedule of work. We get so engrossed in the infamous rat race today, that we are not really left with any time to follow our passions and to do things that we enjoy, and all else takes a low priority in our lives. But the fact still remains that in regular intervals we should take some time to relax our mind and body.

Having this thought as a driving rule of my life, I always make sure that I go on a vacation at least once every year, to guarantee that I don’t miss out on some great experiences in life. As the years go on, exploring new places has changed into a hobby for me. I decided to go to Digha when I got a leave recently, to hang out with my friends and have a good time.

I couldn’t wait for my vacation date to come. I was quite excited to get to Digha and start my holiday with my friends. There were many things I planned to do in Digha this time like visiting some of the great beaches in town and also the famous aquarium. Digha is a major tourist destination in Eastern India and for good reason. There are many beautiful places as well as places of tourist interest in the city that are quite fun. I also wanted to try out the unique Bengali cuisine, especially their delicious fish and seafood preparations. I was thus quite excited for this trip, and booked my tickets well in advance of the journey.

Booking My Train From Vishakhapatnam To Digha

Being two destinations on the Eastern coast of India, there are a lot of trains running between Vishakhapatnam and Digha. I had a lot of different choices for trains from Vishakhapatnam to Digha. After doing a good deal of research and looking at the facilities, timings, and other details of all the trains, I finally chose the Vishakhapatnam – Digha SF Express and booked my tickets on it. My journey, though of a rather long duration, was quite comfortable and enjoyable. Some of the best things about the trip were:

  • Shortened duration as it was a Superfast train.
  • The train was maintained clean and neat.
  • The train ran on schedule.
  • Excellent pantry car and catering services.

Digha Beach

Digha Beach | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

A Great Stay At Hotel Seagull, Digha

The 2-star rated Hotel Seagull in Digha is a one of the best budget Hotels In New Digha with the added positive of being situated on the beach. This hotel offers some excellent facilities and services at low prices making it a great option. The room was quite spacious and fitted with all modern amenities such as TV, hot water, etc.

The Hotel is located in a best place and offers all basic facilities such as

  • Hot water
  • 24 hours room parking
  • Room service
  • Car Parking
  • Front desk
  • Visiting Some Great Places In Digha

Three of the places I had planned to visit were the Digha Beach, Shankarpur Beach, and the Marine Aquarium. Both the beaches were excellent beaches, though Digha beach was a little more crowded than Shankarpur beach, it also had other facilities such as snack stalls, etc. The Marine Aquarium was a delightful experience and it was quite interesting to see so many different forms of marine life.