Experience the Best of Pune’s History by Staying at Marriott Hotel Pune

Pune, one of the most desirable locations for vacations, is an amazing beauty to be explored especially if you are a history lover. Being the cultural and historical capital of Maharashtra, Pune certainly has a lot for you in store.

Travel among the vibrant and beautiful streets and enjoy the delicious food items of the city the choice is all yours.

Experience a Grand Stay at Marriott Hotel Pune

With amazing new places and grand forts for you to trek and explore, Pune is certainly a great place if you want to get away for a weekend or two. All you need to do is book a stay at the Marriott Hotel Pune, to get the best of the services. With amazing new attractive facilities such as grand suites, restaurants, spas and fitness centres, this hotel is certainly the best choice for tourists and travellers.

Marriott Hotel Pune

Marriott Hotel Pune

Historical Places In Pune

Shaniwar Wada Palace: Known as the home for the Peshwas, this place is certainly worth a visit if you are ever in Pune. Witness that amazing glory of the Maratha Empire as you look at the architecture of this remarkable Palace, which boasts of both Maratha and Mughal artistic styles. The history and amazing built of the Palace will certainly cast a spell in your heart.

Shaniwar Wada Palace

Shaniwar Wada Palace | Image Source : blogspot.com

Shinde Chattri: Want to know more about the Maratha history? Then why not visit the Shinde Chattri, a beautiful palace from the 18th century dedicated to the commander-in-chief, Mahadji Shinde, who served the Peshwas. Known as one of Pune’s oldest and most popular buildings, this place is certainly worth visiting once.

National War Museum: One of the most amazing historical landmarks of the city is the National War Museum, made for the martyrs. Containing many historical artefacts from Kargil War and Portuguese-Indian War, this place will surely take you back in time.

National War Museum

National War Museum | Image Source : india.com

National Defence Academy: Or the NDA, is the most primary institution for military practices. It is in here that the cadets of the Navy, Army and Air Force are trained to become soldiers. Excited to visit are you? Well, you should be as you get to see the training procedures and techniques used in the institute. So, do pay a visit if you want to know more about the place.