Must Visit Events in Bangalore Just For You


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Bangalore has traditionally been known as an IT hub. But in recent years, the city has attracted some of the country’s best talents to come and pursue creative pursuits. Here are some of the important Bangalore based events which have gained popularity among visitors: –

Screen Printing Workshop by Lets Iink

Organised by Bloom & Grow in Koramangala, this event is primarily related to fabric and paper printing. Participants will learn about the entire process of screen printing on bed linens, t-shirts, coasters, gift wraps, envelopes, gift bags, visiting cards etc. This course includes meshing of scree, meshing of stencil, photo emulsion process, multi-screen printing, DIY exposing box, seamless printing, printing on fabric & printing on paper. The cost of each ticket is Rs 5500 onwards. People who are interested in the event need to carry their ID proof with them.

Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café | Image Resource :

Orthodoxically Me-A Special by Praveen Kumar

Organised at Hard Rock Café, is a stand-up comedy special organized by Praveen Kumar. The whole show revolves around his orthodox upbringing in a small town and the struggles he faces on moving to a big city like Bangalore where he relocated for studies. He speaks about the different things he didn’t understand or fails to relate to like smileys, social media, Hollywood, pub culture, relationships, Snapchat etc. During the show, he speaks about the challenges he is facing to raise his daughter in Bangalore’s western culture whereas his parents found it easy to raise him in Kancheepuram. The price of each ticket is Rs 500 onwards. Each individual attending the event needs to be at least 18 years old.

India Color Fest

This is basically a colour based event during which is meant to help participants enhance their artistic skills in oil painting. Organised in Navi Mumbai by Art Palette, this workshop will enhance your creative skills. Oil painting is a unique method of painting in which oil infused paint pigments are used to create eye catching art-works. But since it is volatile by nature, an oil painting requires delicate handling and knowledge of specific painting techniques. By participating in the workshop, you will learn about the techniques and different methods of oil painting.

During the initial stage, you will learn about the method of creating a design and drawing of a painting’s basic outline. At the next stage, after you create the design or diagram, you will learn about the methods of paintings. The train will hone your skills in the methods of composition, colour mixing, brush strokes and different oil painting techniques. The cost of each ticket is Rs 600.

IISC Gymkhana

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Organized at IISC Gymkhana, this is the annual science-tech-cultural festival of IISC. The pro-nites of the event are highly popular and its major highlights are the high-quality bass by Nucleya, and music performances by Biswa, Intronaut and Dhruv Vishvanath. The price of each ticket is between Rs 700-Rs 4500 depending on the performances which you want to attend. Carrying a valid ID proof is mandatory.

Events In Bangalore

Events In Bangalore | Image Resource :

These Events In Bangalore are real fun and if you become a part of it, you will realise why people love visiting Bangalore during such occasions.

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